Factors to Consider Before Buying Replacement Glass

 May 20, 2019  Ceramic vs Tempered Glass, Fast Replacement Glass News

Deciding on what kind of replacement glass to use isn’t something that should be done overnight. In fact, we highly recommend you prepare for the possibility long before your glass starts to wear down. (Or potentially gets broken)

When you buy replacement glass, the obvious, easy choice is to buy the same kind of glass that you had before. However, there are several factors to consider. There are so many glass styles out there these days that you should consider using. On top of that, you could even look into improving the frames at the same time.

We’ll take a look at some important factors you should consider before buying replacement glass. Once you’ve considered all of these factors, only then will you be truly ready to choose your replacement glass.

If you’re interested in making the right choice for replacement glass, then read on!

Ceramic glass is ideal for wood heat stoves as it can withstand very high temperatures! Customer submitted photo!

#1 – What is the Glass for?

The location in which you are planning to put your replacement glass has a large impact on what you should use. Is the glass for an indoor fireplace, heat stove, or outdoor fireplace?

If your glass is for an indoor fireplace, the most common choice is tempered glass. Heat stoves and outdoor fireplaces, on the other hand, tend to use ceramic glass.

If you were already using ceramic glass, we recommend that you replace it with the very same. You can replace tempered glass with ceramic glass. However, you should never replace ceramic glass with tempered glass. (You’ll understand why as you continue reading) 

While we mainly sell just tempered safety glass and ceramic glass, we do have a custom quote that offers customers and contractors more options.

#2 - What Material is Your Frame Made From?

The material from which your frame is made from is always metal in regards to heat appliances. Some are made from aluminum and others from steel. Metal frames tend to use an exterior flange that hides the rest of your frame from the outside. The flange tends to be around two inches and goes all the way around the frame, covering it up. A metal frame is quite strong.

Depending on your frame, ceramic and tempered glass have advantages. Ceramic glass has a higher level of heat resistance. However, the glass is brittle compared to tempered glass and can break more easily. Tempered glass is the inverse of ceramic glass.

Overall, ceramic glass works better with a steel frame, while tempered glass works well with an aluminum frame.

Seamed edges on tempered safety glass

#3 – What Glass Shapes are You Looking for?

We have a variety of shapes available to use. However, you generally want to measure your glass dimensions to an exact measurement. Any mistake with the size could be quite disastrous.

#4 – Check the Warranty

Before you make any decision on a piece of glass you’ve found, make sure it has a fool-proof warranty. Anyone selling glass without a warranty is likely selling low-quality goods.

A good warranty should last for a minimum of one year, but preferably two. Any less and you should look somewhere else.

#5 – Look into the Seller/Company

Warranty or not, you need to make sure the seller is legit. Whether it’s a large company or an individual, it is important that you do a background check on them before buying their product. It is never wrong to be paranoid about making purchases.

Check their website, if they have one, and any reviews from people who have purchased glass from them before. If the majority of the feedback is positive, it should be safe to purchase from them.

Pyroceram Glass

#6 – Think Before You Buy

Assuming you’ve already looked at all the above factors and figured them out, take the time to step back and make one last decision. You need to make absolutely sure that the glass you’ve chosen is the one you really want.

If you’re not yet certain on what kind of glass you would like, take a look at some of our replacement glass options. You never know. You might find something you like there!

Last updated on July 6th 2020.


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