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Disclaimer Policy Fast Replacement Glass

Fast Replacement Glass - A CJ's Home Decor SiteIt is not the intention of Fast Replacement Glass to endorse or recommend particular opinions, companies, or products mentioned on our websites. All information and content found on that has been provided by our website personnel, visitors to our website, or others appearing on the website is at the user's contingency. We base any and all recommendations solely on our concern for the safety of our customers, and we strongly caution consumers to contact their local government agency regarding fire safety ordinance codes. Because these laws and regulations vary by area (state, city, community) we can only give our strongest advice on the hazards associated with:

  • replacing or installing ceramic or tempered glass on your fireplace, fireplace insert, or heating stove (gas, wood, pellet, coal, electric)
  • replacing or installing catalytic combustors, gaskets, or insulation
  • use of fireplace and heating stove associated accessories (fans, fan control systems, stove thermometers, glass retainer clips)
  • use of fireplace and heating stove cleaning and maintenance supplies (cleaners, polishes, paints, creosote & soot removers, mortars, adhesives, and cements)

Fast Replacement Glass cannot be held liable for improper installation or misuse of the above mentioned.

Last updated on October 11th 2023.