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If you are unsure of which type and size fireplace door or pellet, coal, or wood burning stove glass replacement you need, you've come to the right place! We can help you determine if your heating appliance is in need of tempered or ceramic glass. We'll tell you how to measure for a glass replacement, even if your window pane has shattered and is no longer in place!

What Is The Difference Between Tempered & Ceramic Glass?

When it comes to getting a replacement glass window for your fireplace, stove, or insert, it is important to know the difference between these two types of glass. 


Also known as pyroceram, this glass material is a fusion of tempered glass and ceramic. Although transparent, it does have a slight amber tint. It is used for heating sources that produce extremely high temperatures between 450° and 1200°F. This type of glass is also used when the doors are less than 6 inches from the flames. Unlike tempered glass, pyroceram is less resistant to shattering or breaking under duress of a fire.


This type of glass comes clear or subtle grey or bronze tints, and is used for wood burning fireplace doors, either masonry or prefab. In order to be used in these types of heating applications, tempered glass must be strong, resistant to thermal shock, and able to prevent personal injury by altering the breakage pattern. So what does all this mean? When regular glass undergoes a heat treatment process called "tempering", it evolves into a more superior material that can withstand maximum temperatures of 450°F. If damaged (say by accidental exposure to an object or temperatures above the maximum 450°), the entire tempered glass sheet breaks into small pieces. This breaking pattern is much different and less dangerous than regular glass which, when broken, will break into long, sharp splinters.

A word of caution: never burn with your tempered glass fireplace doors closed, as they can shatter due to the high heat that a wood fire can emit. Some of you may be thinking: If this is a problem, why can't I just replace my fireplace door glass with ceramic glass?

  • For masonry fireplaces, only a fully framed cabinet door is equipped to handle this type of glass material. Otherwise, the glass will crack upon closing the doors when a fire is burning. A good rule of thumb: unless ceramic glass came with the doors, do not replace it with this material.
  • For factory built fireplaces, installing ceramic glass in the doors will cause the firebox to overheat, resulting in a dangerous house fire situation. 

How do I measure for wood stove and fireplace glass replacement?

Before beginning, we have some words of CAUTION:

  • All glass (ceramic or tempered) expands when heated! Please make sure to deduct 1/8 inch from each measurement to accommodate for thermal expansion. If this extra room is not allowed, your glass can shatter or crack (we cannot be held responsible for breaks due to improper calculations).
    • If your original glass sheet is still intact and you are able to obtain all of the dimensions needed for your pattern or rectangle custom cut product, you may use the glass for measuring purposes. However, we highly recommend double checking your measurements against the mounting surface for 100% accuracy.
  • Ceramic glass is NOT appropriate for cook tops and should ONLY be used in wood burning stoves or inserts, factory built fireplace doors, pellet stoves, and coal stoves.
  • Tempered glass is NOT appropriate for cook tops, wood burning stoves and inserts, pellet stoves, or coal stoves. It should ONLY be used for fireplace glass replacement.

Ordering heat resistant glass for your application is simple, even if you are in need of a pattern cut of ceramic glass! You'll need to gather a a metal tape measure, as well as a pen and paper or your phone or tablet to record your measurements. Simply measure the dimensions of the panel as indicated in the main picture of the replacement glass product you are ordering. Remember to deduct that 1/8 inch so the glass can expand!

Here are some examples of how to measure for different shapes of tempered or ceramic glass (click on the images for a larger view):

Standard rectangle heat resistant glass

For a standard rectangle pane, we'll need the width (A)
and the height (B) of the glass. Even if you need square shaped
glass, use this template to submit your measurements.

Circle pattern cut of heat resistant glass

We can custom cut our heat resistant glass into a circular shape!
Measure across the glass or opening, then submit your diameter.
We also have standard sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12 inch diameters!

Ceramic glass pattern cut half full arch

This pattern cut is also quite simple to measure.
We would need the width (A) and the height (B)
of this half full arch pane of glass.

Full arch top with short straight sides ceramic glass pattern cut

This is a full arch with short, straight sides pattern cut.
We would need the width (A), the height at the middle of the
glass pane (B), and the height of 1 short straight side from
the bottom of the glass to where the side meets the arch (C).

Rectangle cut with dual notched top corners ceramic glass pattern cut

This pattern cut features two notched corners at the top.
We would need the width (A), the height (B), the width
between the notches (C), and finally the side height from the
bottom of the glass to where the side meets the notch (D).

Ceramic glass pattern cut with flat gable top

This pattern cut features a flat gable top. We would need the
width (A), the height (B), both of the side heights from the bottom
of the glass to where they meet the corner angles (C and D),
and finally the flat gable top width (E).

How do I measure for replacement glass if all I have is an empty space where the glass window used to be?

If your glass has shattered and you are left with an empty space, gather a piece of tracing paper that is slightly larger than the window opening of your application. With a pencil or marker, trace the edges of the groove (window channel) where your glass would normally sit. Then remember to deduct that 1/8 inch so the glass can expand!

Can I search for replacement glass by fireplace or stove brand?

If you know the make and model number of your heating application, you can find the exact glass pattern that you need by utilizing our Wood Stove Glass by Brand page! You can also located manufacturers and brands of coal and pellet stoves here as well. Simply locate the manufacturer from the alphabetical list, then click on the logo to view a list of model numbers. Then click on the glass size that is given for your model number, and you'll be directed to the product. It's that easy!

Click on the icons below to search by glass type, or by stove and fireplace brand!

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