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For the upkeep of your fireplace, not just any mortar, fire brick, or cement will do. That's why Fast Replacement Glass offers only the best quality products for fireplace maintenance!

Our A.W. Perkins mortar comes in a tube that fits easily into a standard caulking gun for effortless application when filling in those little holes and cracks between the bricks on your fireplace. Once cured, it can withstand up to 2000°F! We also have Super 3000 heavy-duty mortar for bonding masonry to masonry! Count on this Premier product to withstand a substantial 3000°F and resist freezing temperatures down to 0°F!

A.W. Perkins castable fire brick is rated for indoor and outdoor use, and can be moulded to match any shape or size! This product cures in 24 hours, and then withstands temperatures up to 2200°F! It is readily available in tan-gray, but you can choose to paint over it once the material fully hardens for a flawless look!

When it comes to sealing and bonding, count on A.W. Perkins high temperature fire putty to get the job done! This moldable, multi-purpose cement is easy to use and durable for long-lasting results!

Versatile and strong, you can rest assured that each and every one of these exclusive materials will live up to their trusted name brands! Give our team of professionals a call at 1-888-986-1535 for more information!