Universal interam gaskets, also known as combustor gasket wraps, are ideal for seating your uncanned catalytic combustor. Interam is a soft, lightweight, and flexible material that serves as a protective barrier to your combustor. When exposed to extremely high temperatures, the gasket swells and releases chemically bound water particles that have been integrated into the interam wrap. This process keeps the outer surface of your combustor cool and reduces heat transfer, in turn protecting your wood burning application from overheating.

Words of caution:

  • Every stove manufacturer is different, and it is not uncommon for some to include a universal interam gasket with a canned combustor. If your canned combustor is in fact protected with an interam gasket, you should obtain this barrier and replace it as needed. Not sure what the difference is between a canned and uncanned combustor? CLICK HERE for more information!
  • Due to the high temperatures that interam wrap is exposed to, the gasket tends to become fragile and may fall apart. It is wise to periodically check the condition of the wrap and replace it as necessary. Depending on how often you use your wood stove, replacement may be needed more than two or three times annually, in addition to replacing it when you remove your wood stove combustor.
  • Remember: never pack the combustor in place since your interam gasket needs space to expand and can double in thickness under heat exposure. Before replacing, check your stove or fireplace owner manual for more information.

Our 1/16 inch thick catalytic combustor interam gasket is available by the foot in 2 or 3 inch widths. To obtain the correct amount needed, simply measure the outside diameter of your combustor. Keep in mind that these wraps need to fit snugly around the combustor, so if the outside diameter measures beyond the increment of 12 inches per foot, you will need the additional material. For example, a 27 inch outside diameter would require 3 feet of gasket.