Universal interam gaskets, also called gasket wraps, are ideal for seating your combustor. Interam is a soft, lightweight, and flexible material that serves as a protective barrier to your catalytic combustor. When exposed to extreme heat, chemically bound water that is integrated into the interam wrap is released to cool its outer surface and reduce heat transfer, thus protecting your wood stove or fireplace combustor.

Our 1/16 inch thick combustor gasket wrap is available in 2 or 3 inch widths, and can be ordered by the foot. To obtain the correct amount needed, please measure the outside diameter of your combustor. Keep in mind that these wraps need to fit snugly around your combustor, so if the outside diameter measures beyond the increment of 12 inches per foot, you will need the additional material. For example, a 27 inch outside diameter would require 3 feet of gasket.

Remember that every time you remove your wood stove combustor, you should also replace the interam wrap. Due to the high temperatures that it is exposed to, the wrap will be fragile and may fall apart when removed with the combustor. Never pack the combustor in place since the gasket needs space to expand and can double in thickness under heat exposure. Before replacing, check your stove or fireplace owner manual for more information.