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Factors to Consider Before Buying Replacement Glass
Deciding on what kind of replacement glass to use isn’t something that should be done overnight. In fact, we highly recommend you prepare for the...
What is Tempered Glass?
There are a variety of different kinds of glass these days. When choosing windows for anything from your car to your house, you need to decide...
What is Mica Glass for Wood Stoves?

Mica stove glass is transparent, thin slices of mica stone, generally 0.003 to 0.005 inches thick, that can endure temperatures as high as 1800° F (982° C). 

List of Wood Stove Tools and Their Uses

Find out what each device included with wood stove tools sets is used for and how to clean them in our latest blog!

Ceramic Glass: A History

The discovery of ceramic glass has been termed as a "lucky accident" in the glass science community. And its applications are endless, from cookware to wood stove glass to missile heads.


Learn About Tempered Safety Glass

What is tempered glass? Tempered safety glass is a high strength glass, 4 to 7 times stronger than regular glass, with a thermal shock rating of 400° F. This replacement glass is what we use in all of our prefab, zero clearance fireplaces doors and most masonry fireplace doors.

We've Got A New Look!

While our logo may have changed to reflect our founder, we are still your fast and reliable source for fireplace and stove replacement glass! Find out more about our new look and how we have always been a part of CJ's Home Décor!

Electric Fireplaces: A Smart Choice!

Adding a fireplace to your home doesn't have to be costly. Accessing the chimney or setting up a gas line can be expensive. Consider skipping the hassles and opt for an electric fireplace! Get the look and feel of wood or gas burning fireplace without the fire hazard concerns, too! These features are safe for apartments, bedrooms, townhouses, and condos alike. Because they can be used indoors or out, electric fireplaces are becoming quite popular! Let's find out why you should invest in one!

A Labor Day Tribute

What does Labor Day mean to you? Is it your "unofficial end of summer"? Is it your last chance to wear your favorite white slacks? Does it mark the beginning of the school year or the start of your favorite fall sport? It's true - Labor Day does hold significant truth to all these things, but what does it really mean? What is Labor Day really all about? Fast Replacement Glass is going to take a moment and tell you about the history of this federal holiday.

Enjoy The Solar Eclipse Safely!

Before you head outside to check out today's total solar eclipse, you may want to read up on our special edition blog for tips on how to safely experience the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse! Be safe out there!