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How to Find Brand and Model Numbers on Wood Stoves and Pellet Stoves

Identifying the brand and model number of your wood or pellet stove is crucial for various reasons, such as maintenance, troubleshooting, and purchasing replacement parts. While these numbers might be located in different places depending on the manufacturer, our detailed guide will help you navigate the process. Additionally, we'll address frequently asked questions to ensure you're well-equipped to locate this essential information.

How to Find the Brand and Model Number on Wood Stoves

Check the Owner's Manual: The first step is to consult your stove's owner's manual. It often contains a section with detailed information about locating the brand and model number.

  1. Look for a Metal Plate or Sticker: Most wood stoves have a metal plate or sticker attached to the back, inside the stove door, or on the side panel. The plate typically contains information about the stove's make, model, and relevant safety certifications.
  2. Inspect the Firebox or Ash Pan: In some cases, the brand and model information might be stamped on the inside of the firebox or on the underside of the ash pan.
  3. Examine the Chimney Flue or Vent Pipe: Manufacturers occasionally place a sticker or plate near the chimney flue or vent pipe connection. This location is generally accessible from the back of the stove.

Wood Stove Model Number And Brand Location


How to Find the Brand and Model Number on Pellet Stoves

  1. Refer to the User Manual: Similar to wood stoves, the user manual of your pellet stove is an excellent resource for locating the brand and model number.
  2. Check the Control Panel or Digital Display: Many pellet stoves feature a digital display or control panel. The brand and model information may be displayed here during startup or in a specific settings menu.
  3. Inspect the Back or Side Panels: Manufacturers often place stickers or plates containing essential information on the back or side panels of pellet stoves. These stickers might be near the hopper or fuel loading area.
  4. Examine the Venting Area: Like wood stoves, some pellet stoves have the brand and model information located near the venting area, usually at the rear or top of the stove.

Pellet Stove And Insert Model Number And Serial Number Location

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is it important to find the brand and model number of my stove?
Locating the brand and model number is crucial for purchasing the correct replacement parts, receiving accurate technical support, and properly maintaining your stove.

2. What if the sticker or plate is worn out or unreadable?
If the sticker or plate containing the brand and model information is worn out or unreadable, contact the manufacturer's customer service for assistance. They might be able to help you identify your stove based on other details or markings.

3. Can I find the brand and model number online?
Some manufacturers provide online resources that allow you to search for your stove model using visual references or descriptions. Check the manufacturer's official website for such tools.

4. Can I use the serial number instead of the model number?
While the serial number can be useful for specific inquiries, the model number is often more accurate when it comes to identifying your stove's specific features and compatibility with replacement parts.

5. Is the brand and model number the same as the EPA certification label?
No, the EPA certification label indicates that your stove meets environmental and safety standards, but it might not contain the specific brand and model information. The brand and model details are usually on a separate sticker or plate.

6. Can I find the brand and model number on the retail packaging?
It's possible that the packaging might have a label with the brand and model information, but this is not a reliable method, as packaging can change or get damaged. It's best to locate this information directly on the stove.


Knowing how to find the brand and model number on your wood stove or pellet stove is a fundamental skill that empowers you to properly maintain and care for your appliance. Whether you're seeking replacement parts, troubleshooting issues, or simply seeking information about your stove, having this information readily available can save you time and frustration. Take the time to locate the brand and model number using the guidelines provided, and keep this valuable information on hand for future reference.