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Choose a heat resistant pyroceram glass option for your coal stove glass replacement! Made from the same patented Borosilicate formula as Neoceram, Pyrex, and Robax, this superior material resists shattering due to extreme heat changes. We offer our 3/16" thick, amber tinted pyroceram in a variety of shapes and sizes. A lightly sanded, seamed edge finish ensures no sharp areas. The thermal shock rating of 1380° F makes it compatible with many gasketed stove applications. 

Some important things to remember:

  • Glass expands when heated! Please request your cut of glass to be at least 1/8" shy of the mounting surface. This measurement will allow for a safe thermal expansion. We cannot be held responsible for breaks due to improper calculations!
  • Metal screws and mounting hardware also expand when exposed to high temperatures! To avoid damage to your glass when your appliance is in use, please do not over-tighten hardware. We cannot be held responsible for breaks due to hardware that has been secured too firmly.
  • Please submit any additional information, questions, or concerns you may have about your online glass request to the "Notes" box on this product page.


What is a seamed edge?

After your glass has been cut to size, the edges are lightly sanded to remove any sharp areas. This mades it safe for you to handle.

Can I get a sheet of glass with a decorative edges?

Decorative edges (beveling, high polish, rounded, or pencil) are recommended more for things such as table tops, floating shelves, or gilded mirrors. Since the edges of your stove door glass will not be seen once they are installed, it is recommended to be consistent with seamed edges for your heating application. 

Can I install tempered replacement glass for my coal stove?

While it is true that tempered glass is a higher strength solution, please keep in mind that it is only rated to 400° F. Additionally, the flames from a hot burning fire are less than 6 inches from the glass. Therefore, it is recommended that you install a pyroceram replacement sheet, which boasts a thermal shock rating of 1380° F!

What if the glass that I need resembles a different shape or pattern?

If the glass on your coal stove is curved, arched, notched, or resembles any shape but a rectangle, no worries! We offer a selection of popular cuts up to 36" x 20" for your stove. For dimensions larger than what is found on our product pages, please give us a call at 1-888-986-1535. We have the ability to custom cut your glass to fractional measurements!

For all of your pyroceram glass needs:
  • We recommend a rope fiberglass gasket and high temperature cement for most installs. However, if your coal stove requires a flat or tadpole gasket, we have these options available, as well.
  • Need a custom size? We'd be happy to oblige! Simply call us at 1-888-986-1535 for more information! 

Fast Replacement Glass specializes in custom cut glass to fit your application, no matter what the brand and model! In no time, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of the flames, along with the comfort of knowing that your new pyroceram glass meets all safety standards.