How To Replace Wood Stove Gasket?

How Do I Replace My Gasket?-Fast Replacement Glass answers your questions!Replacing a gasket doesn't have to be as complicated as it sounds. Gather your equipment and get ready, because Fast Replacement Glass is going to walk you through eight easy steps to flawlessly perform this task!

Equipment needed:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Old screwdriver (prefereably a flat head)
  • Wire brush
  • Brush & dustpan or small vacuum
  • New gasket + gasket cement
  • Heavy duty scissors
  • Caulking gun
  • Damp cloth


CAUTION: Ingredients in the cement can cause skin and eye irritation! Please consider wearing gloves and goggles for your protection!How to replace your stove gasket

  1. Carefully remove the stove door and place it on a cushioned surface (such as old sheets, foam, or cardboard). If your stove door is heavy, you may want an extra set of hands to help you with this.
  2. Don your gloves and eyewear. With your screwdriver, begin prying out and removing the old gasket.
  3. Thoroughly clean out the channel (using the screwdriver), making sure to remove all the old adhesive. You may need to use a wire brush to complete this step. When you're done, clear the channel of any dust with a vacuum or brush.
  4. Try in the rope gasket before cutting to length. Once you determine how much you will need, cut the gasket with the heavy duty scissors.
  5. The seal needs to be bonded at both ends where the butt joint is made (which is usually in the center at the bottom of the door). Before cutting the nozzle on the tube of adhesive, squeeze it a few times to ensure the cement is evenly distributed. If the adhesive is in a cartridge, shake well before cutting the nozzle to the desired opening. Insert into a standard caulking gun, then gently squeeze the handle to apply an even bead of adhesive into the channel.
  6. Press the new gasket firmly into the adhesive. Remove any excess with a damp cloth before it dries. 
  7. Replace and close the stove door.
  8. Allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly overnight before lighting your stove. When you do ignite a fire, gradually increase the heat to initiate the final cure of the adhesive.



Last updated on June 30th 2019.

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