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Wood Stove Baffle Boards

Fast Replacement Glass offers high temperature fire rated baffle boards for wood stoves. Because of the intense heat that baffle boards are exposed to, they must be replaced from time to time.

Wood stove baffle boards are manufacturer specific:
  • Baffle boards help to reflect heat and unburned particles back toward your fire, resulting in an efficient burn.
  • Wood stove fiberboard baffles create a barrier between the fire and the top of your wood stove.
  • They also direct smoke and gases toward the stovepipe and can prevent these fumes from blowing out of your stove when the door is opened.
  • Baffle boards can endure high temperatures in excess of 2000°F!


Superwool Ceramic Blankets

High quality superwool ceramic fiber insulation blankets are ideal for use with heating stoves and fireplace inserts. The lightweight, interwoven fiber material resists thermal shock, contains no asbestos, and can be cut to length for easy installation. 

What is a ceramic fiber blanket?
  • Insulation blankets are made from fire retardant, flexible, high tensile strength ceramic fibers.
  • They feature low heat storage and thermal conductivity to reduce heat loss and improve the efficiency of your stove or insert.
  • These insulating blankets withstand continuous temperature in excess of 1700°F, and maximum temperatures up to 2300°F!
  • They remain intact, even under abrasive conditions.