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Our wood stove door gasket replacements are precut for your convenience! We offer high temperature fiberglass rope and flat gasket braided fiberglass material for wood stove glass and doors. The material is graphite impregnated for strength and does not contain asbestos. The braided gasket that you find in the door channel of your glass stove door plays a critical role in the efficiency of your appliance. Over time, the constant opening and closing of your stove door wears down the strength of the seal, which can lead to heat loss and emission of combustible gases. Let us help you get the right product for your heat stove!

  • Flat Wood Stove Gaskets: 5/8 inch diameter in 10 foot precut lengths. Flexible flat braided fiberglass material. Choose between black or white s to match your stove's finish. Withstands temps up to 1000° F (538° C).
  • Rope Wood Stove Gaskets: 3/16 inch to 1 inch thick in 7 foot precut lengths. Designed for a tight seal around doors. Adapts to stove door corners for effortless installation. Withstands temps up to 1000° F (538° C).
  • Griddle Gasket for Vermont Castings Wood Stove: 5/16 inch thick in 50 inch precut length. Graphite impregnated fiberglass encased in a stainless steel wire mesh. Withstands temps up to 1200° F (649° C).
All of our precut window and wood stove door gaskets offer the following benefits:
  • Fabricated from non-asbestos material
  • Graphite impregnated for strength and durability under the duress of extreme heat
  • Bondable to most materials
  • Will not absorb water or attract mold and mildew
  • Minimal fraying and unraveling

We offer a variety of options for you to choose from, including stove specific packages, and precut gaskets that are either self adhesive or include a 2 fluid ounce bottle of our super strong stove gasket adhesive! No matter the type of heating appliance you have, we can help you find the right gasket. Give our Fast Replacement Glass experts a call at 1-888-986-1535 with any questions you may have!

Why is it important to have a tight door seal?

A tight seal will ensure good air circulation within the stove or fireplace, as well as prevent smoke or gas leakage. Not only is it important to the proper functioning of your heating appliance, but also your health and safety!

What determines the need for door seal replacement?

It ultimately depends on how often the stove is used. If it is fired up on a daily basis, Fast Replacement Glass advises frequent inspections and replacement of the gasket the moment the door doesn't compress the seal as tightly as it should. Otherwise, the gasket on your stove door should be checked on a regular basis for other signs of wear, such as fraying and unraveling. (Depending on your stove's manufacturer, it may be recommended that you replace the gasket every 12 months, regardless of its condition. See your stove or fireplace owner's manual for guidelines.)

How can you tell if the door gasket is in good working status?

The seal should be tight! So tight, that a dollar bill inserted between the door and stove cannot be pulled out when the door is closed. Fast Replacement Glass highly suggests performing the following test on all sides of the door: 

  • Open your stove door and place a dollar bill between it and the stove body. Tightly close the door. 
  • The dollar bill should be firmly gripped by the gasket. Removing it should be difficult.
  • Repeat the test a few times, positioning the dollar bill at various locations around the door.
  • If the dollar bill is gripped tightly at all locales, this indicates a favorable seal. If any of the areas are weak, you'll definitely want to replace the gasket. 
Do I need to replace the window gasket if I have to replace the door gasket?

Window gaskets don't undergo the same compression forces as door gaskets do. That being said, the seal around the window glass doesn't need to be replaced nearly as often. However, if you notice any loose, fraying, or unraveling material on your seal, we have an assortment of thin rope gaskets for this matter.

How do I know which is the right door seal for my application?

Fast Replacement Glass recommends reading your stove or fireplace owner's manual if you're unsure about which type and size (diameter) gasket you'll need for your door or window glass.

Let's assume the gasket information in your owner's manual is not readily available. Look at the old seal in your stove. You'll notice that it is, most likely set in a groove. To keep it in place, a cement was used. However, if it was a poor quality adhesive, this can cause early failure of the seal. Inferior products will deteriorate under the intense heat from the fire, eventually coming loose or even falling away from the door.

Fast Replacement Glass only offers professional grade, high temperature cements and adhesives that carry manufacturer names we know and trust. These high quality products are guaranteed to withstand thermal shock and last far longer than the factory seals and cements.

We can  help you determine what size and type of gasket you need!How do I measure my old gasket to determine which type and size I should get from Fast Replacement Glass?

Not sure what size gasket you need? We can help! Click HERE to learn more and download our FREE printable measuring template!