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Our ceramic catalytic combustors are critical for the efficiency of your wood stove. Not only do these replacement parts improve the overall performance of your wood heating application, but they also help reduce creosote production and air pollution! 

The honeycomb design of these high quality combustors essentially traps combustion gases, while the metal coating acts as a catalyst that causes the gases to burn at lower temperatures. The entire process of repurposing the smoke and gases instead of allowing them to escape through the stovepipe or flue is what causes your wood stove to give off more heat and save energy!

Catalytic combustors should only be used with natural wood burning applications. They need to be replaced every 10,000-12,000 hours, or when they become contaminated with foreign materials from the burn process. Please check the owner's manual that came with your wood burning fireplace, insert, or stove to verify if your application uses a catalytic combustor.

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