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Thank you for the Glass it's awesome
Buy local. Buy local. That is all I hear. I went to five Flagstaff, AZ locations and no one had 7/8 inch rope. They say they can order it. Well so can I. Glad I found this company.
Thank you for the quick and helpful response. I just placed the order.
Thank you ever so much for getting this in queue so quickly and shipped today! Tho we are only in California, we are in the Northern region with temps very low. Our sole source of heat is a very old wood stove (that heats the house great), but with a crack in the glass on door, we cannot regulate the heat due to too much air getting inside.

Bless you all and all the best Wintry Wishes
Thank you for filling my order. The new glass fits perfect.
Perfect fit, quickly shipped, and at about half the price of what I've paid in the past for glass for other stoves.
The [ceramic rectangle cut] glass for my wood burning stove was the perfect fit. It arrived fast; sooner than I expected!
Unbelievable! I got my replacement glass in 36 hours! I would have been pleased even if it took a week, but 36 hours - well, what can I say but THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Glass got to me 4 days after I ordered. Fits perfect. Great clarity. You guys surpassed my expectations. If my clumsy wife ever breaks the woodstove again, I'll definitely come to you guys first. Thanks!'re very fast! I will be thanking you this weekend while listening to music and having a cold my warm cabin in the woods. Thank you very much!
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