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Find out what type of replacement glass you'll need for your heating application!

Here we cover all kinds of helpful information about the type of glass you need for your heating application! Whether you are looking for facts on ceramic glass vs tempered glass, or which high temperature glass window is appropriate for your fireplace or pellet stove, our helpful blog articles will point you in the right direction!

Deciding on what kind of replacement glass to use isn’t something that should be done overnight. In fact, we highly recommend you prepare for the possibility long before your glass starts to wear down. (Or potentially gets broken) When you buy replacement glass, the obvious, easy choice is to buy the same kind of glass that you had before....
There are a variety of different kinds of glass these days. When choosing windows for anything from your car to your house, you need to decide what type of glass you wish to use. Today, we’ll look into tempered glass. You’ve likely heard of tempered glass before, if not used it yourself. Tempered glass has a huge number of benefits...

When it comes to replacement glass, you want the ultimate in strength, quality, and dependability. You also want to make sure you are getting the correct glass window for your direct vent application! Depending on the type of heating application you have, the glass choice can be critical to the operation of your stove or fireplace. We're exploring the difference between the styles of direct vent heating in order to help you figure out which glass replacement window you'll need!