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Considering a secondary heat source that looks like a million dollars?

Our electric fireplaces are simply stunning and perfectly affordable (not to mention energy efficient)!

 Sep 18, 2017  Electric Fireplaces

Napoleon 38 Inch Azure Vertical Electric FireplaceAdding a fireplace to your home doesn't have to be costly. Accessing the chimney or setting up a gas line can be expensive. Consider skipping the hassles and opt for an electric fireplace! Get the look and feel of wood or gas burning fireplace without the fire hazard concerns, too! These features are safe for apartments, bedrooms, townhouses, and condos alike. Because they can be used indoors or out, electric fireplaces are becoming quite popular! 

Electric Fireplaces: A Smart Choice!Minimal Installation Required!

To install one of our Napoleon electric fireplaces, all you need is an open wall, an outlet (of course!), and a few tools. What a relief! With this option, there is no need to worry about hiring a professional to connect installation any gas lines or access/clean the chimney. For you, an electric fireplace means no chopping wood or checking the meter on the propane tank periodically. In fact, you'll be happy to know that many multi-family housing complexes permit electric fireplaces because they are safe to install and use. In addition, the Napoleon units make an attractive and dependable heat source for bedrooms and bathrooms. Not only do you benefit from the warmth, but the ambiance is beyond compare!

Surprisingly Affordable!

Many people think that an electric fireplace will be more costly because of the fact that it uses a lot of energy. Remember thought: these types of fire features are not meant to be the primary heat source in your home! Please take into account the fact that you will use this fireplace much like you would use a space heater. According to, electric fireplace run on approximately 1500 watts of electricity, a yield of .003 to 3 cents per hour when used for decorative purposes. That translates to approximately $50-$80 per year! (Quite a savings compared to the typical space heater!)

Napoleon 20 Inch Cinema 29 Built-In Electric FireplaceRealism Through And Through!

You won't have to sacrifice beauty for function with our Napoleon electric fireplaces! Our assortment of stunning models feature high intensity LED lights that broadcast realistic flames in a theatrical performance that will impress you time and again. With some of our models, you'll be able to enjoy a crystal clear ember bed that reflects that superb hues of purple, orange, or blue. We even have models that offer a cinematic view with a true-to-life molded log set in addition to a night light!  

So Many Options!

As we mentioned, we have a variety of Napoleon electric fireplaces that offer different media and displays. Certain models also have a trim kit available. Others come with touch screen controls or the option for a handheld remote. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes - square, linear, or vertical - to accommodate your space. Many of our fireplaces come with a timer and heat settings, and they can easily keep a 400 square foot space cozy and warm! 

Browse through our collection of electric fireplaces to find one that suits your needs! We can't wait to find out which one you choose!

Last updated on July 31st 2020.


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