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List of Wood Stove Tools and Their Uses

 Feb 26, 2019  Fast Replacement Glass News

Wood stove tool sets mainly differ from fireplace tool sets in size. These mini stove tool sets have shorter rods for better fit and control in small, shallow fireboxes of wood, pellet, or coal burning appliances. Some may prefer to also use them for tending petite, reduced depth fireplaces as mini fireplace tool sets. 

List of Wood Stove Tools

Fireplace pokers are used to position and move firewood

Fireplace Poker - To position and move around fuel in the firebox.

Fireplace shovel can double as a dust pan when sweeping up ash

Wood Stove Ash Shovel - To scoop up ashes and doubles as a dustpan. We recommend dumping all soot and cinders into a metal ash bucket for safety in case there’s still a live ember.

Wood Stove Brush Broom to keep the area around the fireplace clean

Fireplace Broom or Brush - To keep the area around the firebox clean and to sweep ashes into the shovel.

An ash rake helps to separate embers from the ash

Ash Rake or Hoe - To separate hot cinders and embers from the ash.

How To Clean Wood Stove Tools

Regular cleaning during the winter months when the tools are in use will significantly increase their lifespan. Remove grim with a fine grade steel wool and some hot water or vegetable oil, massaging it gently over the surface. For tools with brass or copper, use appropriate solutions on the market, like Brasso. Or try a DIY potion of salt and vinegar or lemon juice.


What Tool Sets We Offer

Our collection of products feature durable, black powder coat finishes and sturdy stands for organized storage. Most sets include a poker, shovel, and brush. Some have an ash rake or hoe. Various handle styles and finishes are available to match the look of your fireplace and home decor.

A helpful decorating tip: try to match the color of the tool set handles to other metal objects in the room, such as light fixtures, picture frames, cabinet knobs and handles, and fireplace doors.

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Last updated on February 26th 2019.


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