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Set of 8 Glass Retainer Clips For Fireplace Doors

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Fast Replacement Glass glass retainer clips are designed to hold the glass panels of your fireplace doors securely in their proper position within the door frame. You'll receive a set of 8 glass panel clips, enough for one side of your bi-fold doors (for both sides: you'll need 16 clips, or 2 sets). Each piece is made of high strength spring steel that is durable enough to withstand the high temperatures from your fireplace. Enjoy peace-of-mind that you have a secure fit of your replacement glass panels with these sturdy glass retainer clips for fireplace doors.

Please note: door frames need enough space to accommodate the glass clips and the glass.

To use:
The smooth (front) side of the clip is placed against the glass, while the back of the clip (with upward-facing spikes) grips the inside of the door frame. The bottom of the clip has an "opening gap" that needs to be facing down. Clips are placed 1-1/4 inch from the edge of the glass - 1 clip per corner of the glass. You'll need pliers to slowly press the clip into the stile.


  • Material: High Strength Spring Steel
  • Clip Size: 5/8"H x 1/2"W x 1/4"D
  • Number Of Clips: 8 Per Set


These are too shallow (front-to-back) to provide sufficient pressure to keep the glass in place, and so stiff that I cannot easily widen them to fill the gap. Waste of money.

FDO Support Team
If you have a vise you can easy widen them. Then if they are to small we use a piece of flat bar iron to bridge the gap and clips will work like a charm. Or like we use sometimes use a small metal strip to breach the gap. Sizes are given on the website.
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Last updated on February 1st 2024.
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