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Round 6 x 1.4 Inch Canned Catalytic Combustor CC-003

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6 x 1.4 Inch Round Canned Catalytic Combustor CC-003. This canned ceramic honeycomb combustor fits the following models of wood stoves:

  • Dutch West Early
  • Squire/Cox Model 5500

Note About Installing Combustor Gaskets
When installing a replacement catalytic combustor, always allow a visible expansion joint between the catalyst and the stove housing. Do not “pack” any type of gasket around the stove combustor and between the combustor housing. If you install the new replacement combustor with no visible expansion joint, your combustor is subject to premature fracturing and overheating of your stove components. Another issue with the unneeded tight gaskets is that it makes removable of the old combustor difficult. Always remember to clean off all the residues from any old gaskets and do a clean installation to save you money in the future.



Manufacturer Warranty:

Combustors are guaranteed to contain sufficient catalytic precious metals (platinum and/or palladium) formulated and properly applied to conform to requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for certified wood-burning products, and when installed in USA are warranted for structural integrity for five years or 12,000 hours burn-time, whichever comes first, when correctly installed and maintained. Failure due to incorrect use, including with fuels other than dry natural wood, is excluded.

REMEDIES UNDER THIS WARRANTY Manufacturer will replace a defective combustor, free of charge, for the first 90 days following the date of original purchase. After the first 90 days, replacement will be at the following discount:

  • Year 1 — 50% of original price paid
  • Year 2 — 40% of original price paid
  • Year 3 — 30% of original price paid
  • Year 4 — 20% of original price paid
  • Year 5 — 10% of original price paid
  • Year 6 — Replacement at current retail price.
Model: CC-003 
Height: 1.4"
Diameter: 6"
Cells Per Inch: 16

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Last updated on January 12th 2024.
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