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All You Need To Know About Catalytic Combustors

Your wood stove or fireplace will need a bypass damper in order to use a catalytic combustor. (When the exhaust temperature isn't high enough for a combustor to "light-off" the wood-smoke, the exhaust must have an alternate route to go until the combustor is hot enough to perform its function.)

Will I Need A Gasket For My Catalytic Combustor?
Combustors that have no stainless steel "can" must always be installed with a new expanding gasket. Uncanned combustors can be combined with our combustor gasket wrap. This soft, lightweight and flexible material is 1/16 inch thick, available in 2 or 3 inch widths, and can be ordered by the foot. When exposed to extreme heat, the chemically bound water within the interam wrap is released, cooling the outer surface and reducing extreme heat transfer, thus protecting your heat stove and combustor. CLICK HERE to get an interam gasket for your uncanned combustor!

Federal law requires any EPA-certified catalytic wood stoves be operated with combustors to reduce air pollution over the entire life of the stove.

Last updated on June 30th 2019.