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All About Tempered Safety Glass

What Is Tempered Glass?-Fast Replacement Glass answers your questions!Tempered glass is regular (annealed) glass that undergoes a treatment of heat and chemicals. After this process, it is quickly cooled to alter its molecular structure, making it incredibly strong. It is very commonly used in homes and commercial businesses in a variety of different ways - one of the most widely known being glass panels for fireplace doors.

Tempered glass has some terrific benefits:

  • It is also known as "safety glass." If it were to fracture, this glass would break into tiny pieces, instead of jagged shards like regular glass would. You would be less likely to sustain an injury from coming in contact with broken tempered glass.
  • Any fragments can be easily swept up or vacuumed with a shop-vac for quick clean-up.
  • Tempered glass is not easily scratched or damaged. This makes it ideal for windshields, home windows, computer screens, and any other applications where durability is an important factor.
  • Tempered glass is resistant to high temperatues up to 500 degrees F. It is also resistant to thermal shock, making this the perfect choice for glass panels on fireplace doors.



Last updated on October 11th 2023.

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