Thank you. Very Fast.
This is my first time doing business with, and I am impressed with their customer care, they actually care!!!!. I have talked to Kimberly in person twice and communicated via email more than a couple of times in regards to getting a replacement glass for my fire-place glass bi-fold doors. Actually the glass procurement was the fast and easy part, and it came fast with accurate dimensions finished with a pencil edge that matched the other glass panels perfectly. The challenge after receiving the replacement glass was to find the proper gasket to replace the old used gaskets. Kimberly is very knowledgeable and has solutions for unique problem jobs like mine turned out to be.
Received my order last week. Professional job.
Thank you.
I called and spoke to a young lady that walked me through the order placement process. My glass came in quickly fit perfect very well pleased. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
After accidentally breaking the tempered glass on my fireplace, panic set it and I started searching for a place that would cut me some glass as well as temper it. After a few minutes of searching the internet, I found it. I sent them my measurements and within a few days, it arrived packaged very secure. After about 5 minutes, I had it installed and had a fire built. The product was perfect.
Received my order in less than the time expected. Surprised and happy!
Ordering was easy but I thought that I had asked to have the edges rounded and they weren't. The only other issue is that I have asked a couple of times to your customer support folks if you recommend or sell the U-Channel gasket material to set the glass into the fireplace door frames. When I took out the old glass there was a rubber u-channel gasket on all the top and bottom window edges, I would really like to know what is recommended for your hi-temp glass panes.
Hello, I got your glass today and installed it. I was impressed in how easy it was to put the plugs in that hold the glass in place – nice engineering there.
I bought the wrong color – see the attached picture (the new pane is 2nd from left) – it should be lighter. I’ll replace it sometime before I move out; in the mean time it’s a warning to not leave the fire unattended.
Thanks for the great packaging, too – I can use that cardboard in projects so it’s going to be reused.
Thank you!!! What great response!!! I appreciate the quickness and the service of your company!!!
As I responded above, all went well and I appreciate being able to purchase the replacement glass for my gas fireplace insert at a reasonable cost.
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