Woodsaver Stove Pipe Thermometer

Woodsaver Stove Pipe Thermometer

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For the ultimate device in fuel conservation, the Woodsaver Wood Stove Pipe Thermometer is the best wood stove thermometer for the job! Its black aluminum design has easy-to-read silver temperature zones with a red indicator that lets you know when the temperature is too cool and can cause creosote buildup or too hot and wasting fuel. This particular magnetic thermometer is intended for use on your single-wall stove pipe, rather than the hotter surfaces of fireplace inserts and stove tops. No installation is required with the easy magnetic attachment and is simple and safe to move with the stay-cool handle. Proudly made in the USA!

Depth: 0.5 Inches
Height: 6 Inches
Width:  6 Inches

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Last updated on November 28th 2017.