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More than 12 million American households rely on wood stoves for their primary heat source. Modern versions efficiently deliver the warmth and beauty of a fire that is absolutely comparable to a wood burning fireplace. Kindling and wood are the main fuel source, and fresh air that enters the stove through intake vents help create a warm and steady burn. Today's modern wood stoves are clean and efficient, and have evolved drastically compared to their pot-bellied predecessors! With proper consideration of a house's heating requirements and the natural movement of air within the home, proper installation will provide you with a reliable and economical heat source.

It goes without saying that your wood stoves will need proper care and maintenance along the way. At some point, it may even require a replacement part. Fast Replacement Glass has complied a group of top of the line products, designed specifically for use with your wood stove, that deliver exceptional performance and superior results. 

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