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Northern Leader Parts

northern leader replacement parts

Northern Leader solid fuel burning appliances were popular during the 1980s, but are no longer in production. Originally manufactured in Gibbon, MN, the Northern Leader wood furnaces were quite powerful and easy to maintain. Shortly after the EPA passed it strict regulations on fuel burning appliances, the company went out of business. Whether you need a gasket or catalytic combustor, we can supply you with these replacement parts for your Northern Leader stove!

Because the of the large product variety that exists, customers must measure their stove for this custom cut glass to ensure the measurements that we have on file from Northern Leader are accurate. Before you check out with your custom piece, you must realize that this glass is not returnable.

If you don't see your model number listednot to worry! Just call our experts at 1-888-986-1535 and submit your measurements. We can custom cut a piece of glass to your specifications for an exact fit, or help you find the right gasket or combustor for your heating application! 

Model Gasket Size Catalytic Combustor
2100C Learn how to measure to find the correct gasket size for your stove. CC-011
5.8 x 3 Inch Round
Requires 2
3200C N/A CC-006
6 x 3 Inch Round
Last updated on June 25th 2020.