Enviro Stove Parts

Enviro Stove Replacement PartsEnviro is the trademark name for Sherwood Industries, which has been a leader in the heating appliance industry since 1988. Its prominent history highlights numerous accomplishments for their gas, wood, and pellet applications. CAD machines and steel cutting lasers help design stoves and inserts that meet and beat the highest engineering standards known today! Attractive, efficient, and reliable, there's no mistaking an Enviro product when you see it!

Because the of the large product variety that exists, customers must measure their stove for this custom cut glass to ensure the measurements that we have on file from Enviro are accurate. Before you check out with your custom piece, you must realize that this glass is not returnable.

If you don't see your model number listednot to worry! Just call our experts at 1-888-986-1535 and submit your measurements. We can custom cut a piece of glass to your specifications for an exact fit, or help you find the right gasket or combustor for your heating application! 

Model Glass Size Gasket Size Catalytic Combustor
E30 Pyroceram- Standard Rectangle
26 1/4" x 16" Part No. 50-2506
Learn how to measure to find the correct gasket size for your fireplace. Does your stove need a catalytic combustor?
E33 Pyroceram- Standard Rectangle
28 1/2" x 18" Part No. 50-2523
Pyroceram- Standard Rectangle
15 3/8" x 9" Part No. 50-1062
9" x 2 5/8" Part No. 50-1061
EF5 Pyroceram- Standard Rectangle
14" x 14" Part No. 20-023
Bern/Mini Pyroceram- Standard Rectangle
14" x 9 9/16" Part No. 50-1155
Omega Pyroceram- Standard Rectangle
15 3/8" x 11 7/8" Part No. 50-1673
Last updated on October 5th 2020.