Wood Stove Glass - Custom Product

Pyroceram withstands temperatures up to 1380° - Ideal for Wood, Pellet or Coal Appliances.

Wood Stove Glass - Custom Product Wood Stove Glass - Custom Product Wood Stove Glass - Custom Product
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-icon-flame-tiny.png 1380° Replacement Wood Stove Glass:

Looking for replacement wood stove glass that's made in the USA? We have you covered! Our Pyroceram Ceramic wood stove glass is 3/16" thickness industrial grade, and is available in a variety of cuts. An OEM replacement ideal for any wood, pellet, coal, gas, or bio stove. Also great for burning with your masonry fireplace glass doors closed! It's standard strength but high temperature, so properly mounted and maintained, it will last many seasons of abuse. Our glass comes with a seamed edge finish, lightly sanded to make sure there are no sharp edges. Fast lead time comes standard, 5-7 business days.

Pyroceram glass is a patented type of high temperature glass. It is similar to other Borosilicate formulas like Neoceram, Pyrex, and Robax, although Pyroceram is a superior ceramic glass that is suitable for use in most biomass burning applications. It was invented in the 1950's by Corning® Glass Inc to be a consistent transparent crystaline glass that resisted shattering for high heat applications. Pyroceram wood stove glass has a thermal shock rating of 1380° F and comes with safe "seamed" edges. This makes it the perfect material to use in high temperature gasketed stove applications. It is available in a thickness of 3/16". This Pyroceram glass is not as strong as our tempered fireplace door glass, but it stands up to far greater operating temperatures. This makes it ideal for biomass,coal, & wood stoves, as well as gasketed or safer fireplace operation.

-icon-question-small.png Looking For Tempered Strength Instead?

If you need more durability or safety, tempered glass is a higher strength solution - but it is only recommended up to 400° F. This makes it great for burning with your fireplace doors open, as decor, or other situations, just not in your stove. If you prefer the strength anyways check out our replacement Tempered Fireplace Door glass here. Tempered glass is available in multiple colors and thicknesses. Please note, you should only use tempered glass in your factory zero-clearance fireplace.


-icon-add-repair-tiny.png Hi-Temp Glass Tips & Tricks:

  • All glass will expand when heated! Please order your glass at least 1/8" shy of mounting surface to accommodate for this thermal expansion. We are not responsible for breaks due to improper measurements!
  • Metal screws and mounting hardware will expand when heated! Please do not over-tighten hardware as this may break your glass when appliance is in use. We are not responsible for breaks due to over-tightened hardware.
  • We have the ability to cut your glass to a custom fractional measurement not listed on this product page, and may even have bigger sizes or thicknesses available. Give us a call for more information!
  • We offer a selection of popular pattern cuts, however we can also create your custom templates. Give use a call to set up a quote!
  • We include a "notes" box on this product page for any other information, questions, or concerns you may want to attach to an online glass order.

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Made in the USA -icon-usaflag.png

 *Some optional accessories may add respective ship charges.

We make every effort to process your order within 48 hours. Estimated lead time is 5 to 7 business days. Deliver times are not guaranteed and are estimates only.

All glass orders are custom cut, NO REFUNDS when glass is cut. If there is a problem with your order please call us immediately.

CJ's guarantees that your glass will arrive cut to provided specifications, unbroken, and will perform as intended through the normal lifespan of High Temperature style glass. We cannot offer replacements unless merchandise has a manufacturing defect or arrives broken due to shipping. Please inspect your glass products carefully before installation. Because each individual sale is a custom order, we do not offer warranties that cover measurement errors or installation errors, such as over-tightened screws or glass that has been forced into a tight mounting surface.

If the glass is not visibly defective, was properly installed, but still breaks within the first 30 days, you may qualify for a "good faith" warranty claim and replacement. We will take your word for it, and we will cover 50% of the cost of the new replacement glass (shipping not included). This is a "good faith warranty" service we offer to our customers based on our discretion. It may be terminated at any point if we feel the service is being abused.
In order to initiate a Warranty or "Good Faith" claim: We ask that you please provide us with pictures of defects, install surface, damages, or anything else relevant to your claim. You may then call us at 888-986-1535 or use our Return a product Form.

Color Very slight amber tint
Temperature Rating 1380° F (748° C)
Origin Made in the USA
Thickness 3/16"
Height 2 to 30 inches (unless flipped)
Width 3 to 15 inches (unless flipped)
Additional Information Not for use in factory built fireplaces
Brian anderson on 01/29/2016 09:22 AM (EST)
1 reviews
When my wood stove glass broke for my door I didn't know much about what type of glass I needed so that It would not break again. I thought I could just get normal tempered glass, buy when I called they told me that because of the high heat I was going to need ceramic glass. The price was just right at 50$ for my piece of glass and there sales people were very nice and even recommended some gasketing. Saved me a trip to go get it. glass came fast and was cut exactly the way I ordered it.

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I have a fireplace with an inserted firebox, around which air flows. But it's not a furnace or stove. Which replacement glass do I need, the one rated for 1380 degrees, or 400 degrees? The last glass piece shattered when the fireplace was running very hot AND a piece of log was leaning against the glass. Thoughts? Thanks. .


A good way to find out what type of glass you had is in the manner it broke.  Tempered glass will shatter and Ceramic glass breaks in large chucks or cracks.  If yours shattered, you have tempered.


CJ's Customer Support Team

Do I have a choice of shipping methods? I'm looking for ups or fedex as my usps mail is being forwarded. Will purchase 2 pieces of the 3/16 ceramic glass approximately 9 X 12 inches. Thank you.

It ships UPS or Fedex. Depending on your zip code.

I need a plate of your 1380° Replacement Wood Stove Glass sized 28 inches by 32.5 inches. Your internet order system didn't allow for those dimensions. What would the cost be?

The cost for this piece of glass would be around $425.00 with free shipping as long as there are no pattern cuts, holes,etc.. If you would like to order this size of our ceramic glass then please simply give us a call and we can process your order and get your piece of custom cut glass cut and shipped out to you as soon as possible. 

What is the cost for a glass panel for a Jotul 602?

In order to give you a proper quote we would need you to take the exact measurements of the piece of glass that needs replacing. Also we need to know if the piece of glass needs to be cut into a specific pattern or if it is just simply square or rectangle shaped. Since there is so many different types of stoves that use different sizes and shapes of glass, We do not have the measurements available for every different application that there is. We custom cut our high heat ceramic glass to your specifications so be sure to measure twice and we will cut it once for you. You can either call us with the dimensions, or you can enter them on the product page for our premium Pyroceram high heat glass.

I need to make a small notch out of the ceramic glass I ordered from here. Can I use a small stone dremel tool bit to grind this notch out? If not than what is recommended for this process?

We would recommend that you consult your local glass cutter, as we cannot speak to the stability of the glass should you not have the proper tools to cut it and it breaks.

Can you provide 23 1/2 x 37 1/2 " paracetamol panel and what is cost

Your quote for a piece of ceramic glass measuring 23-1/2 x 37-1/2= $435.00 to your door. Please contact us here at CJ's if you would like to place an order as this is a custom order and needs to be taken by phone. Thank you!

Can you provide 23 1/2 x37 1/2 " panel and what is cost?

Your quote for a piece of ceramic glass measuring 23-1/2 x 37-1/2= $435.00 to your door. Please contact us here at CJ's if you would like to place an order as this is a custom order and needs to be taken by phone. Thank you!

Do u make tempered curved glass for a wood burning stove

Tempered glass can not be used in wood burning stoves. Your stove requires our ceramic glass and  can be ordered in a variety of pattern cuts. If you are unable to find your exact pattern on our web site you many send us a template. 

Click Here to view our custom cut ceramic glass.

Thank you.

If I were to send you a pattern of my exact glass can you send me a quote and the S&H charges please? Thank you

Yes we can do that.

Have it sent to:


CJ's Home Decor & Fireplaces

Attn: Dana

21701 Route 6

Warren PA 16365


Thank you for giving us the chance to quote your project

Support Team

CJ's Hearth & Home


I have a Jotul GF 600 DV gas stove. I need a glass replacement that is 21 3/4 x 15 3/8 in with no special cuts. I priced on your website, but it doesn't tell me thickness. Thickness of current glass is 1/8 in.


Our Pyroceram Ceramic wood stove glass is 3/16" thickness industrial grade. Made in the USA!

Hi I'm looking for a door glass replacement for Whitfield advantage plus wood pellet ,the shape is like flat in the middle and curved on both ends.please let me know if you can make ,i can get the measurements.thanks

We can custom cut any pattern that your stove requires.  There are many pattern cuts listed on the products web page step #5. If you do not see the shape you need simply mail us a template to : CJ's Home Decor and Fireplaces, 21701 Route 6, Warren PA 16365.


I have a US Stove model #6039 pellet stove that I need to replace the glass in the door. It is I believe the same as the 6041. Do you have pattern for this stove & are you able to give me a quote for the glass or will I need to give you the measurements for the quote? Thanks Ray

We can custom cut any pattern that your stove requires.  There are many pattern cuts listed on the products web page step #5. If you do not see the shape you need simply mail us a template to : CJ's Home Decor and Fireplaces, 21701 Route 6, Warren PA 16365.







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* Last updated on September 26th 2016.
* Product, parts, color, finish, or texture may vary slightly from photos.
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Just wanted to say thank you for the professionalis m and quality of your company and product. The fireplace glass fit perfect.

Jeff rated our company service 5/5 Jeff

Very fast processing and shipping of my order. Would definitely order from them again!

donna h rated our company service 5/5 donna h

Purchased: Log Style Mantel
The mantel arrived yesterday afternoon and is in great shape.  That was easily the most impressive job of packaging a large, odd-shaped object that I've ever seen!

Stuart V rated our company service 5/5 Stuart V

Log Mantel
I am REALLY pleased!  The picture of it does not do it justice.  That is the prettiest piece of wood, and a contractor doing some work in my home said that the grain in the edge looks just like Damascus steel.  I do wish the pic could give you a better indication of what I will enj ...

Christopher E. rated our company service 5/5 Christopher E.

Replacing the glass was a breeze
This is my first time doing business with FastReplacementglass.com, and I am impressed with their customer care, they actually care!!!!. I have talked to Kimberly in person twice and communicated via email more than a couple of times in regards to getting a replacement glass for my fire-place gla ...

Rusty rated our company service 5/5 Rusty

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