William's Stove Polish Paste

Not for electroplated finishes.

William's Stove Polish Paste

A concentrated cream, Williams Stove Polish Paste is unsurpassed in its ability to Clean, Polish, Deoxidize and Protect many surfaces.

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William's Stove Polish Paste has been the go-to product for the past 100 years when it comes to enhancing unpainted cast iron or steel appliances! This semi-solid, graphite and carbon blacking paste can be easily applied for a satin-luster, dark gray finish that renews the surface of old rusty stoves and helps stop deterioration. The easy-to-use formula effortlessly buffs after drying and excess polish can be easily cleaned up with soap and water. Specially designed as a cast iron or stove cleaner to withstand high temperatures and is virtually odor free and contains no harmful chemicals, solvents, or waxes!

Size: 2.7 oz tube
Color: Low-luster dark gray
  • To use:

    • Squeeze tube allows for easy application to unpainted appliance surface.

    • Use a clean, dry rag to apply paste to surface.

      • Works best on unpainted cast iron or steel, as well as ornamental iron work.

    • After product dries, buff with a clean cloth to preserve and protect with a lustrous glow!


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Last updated on February 15th 2018.