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Fast Replacement Glass Quality Standards?

What Type Of Quality Standards Do You Offer?-Fast Replacement Glass answers your questions!Fast Replacement Glass meets ASTM glass and ceramic standards. Our products are in accordance with all requirements and specifications, espeically in regard durability, quality, and cutting tolerance.

Both tempered and ceramic glass must undergo specific tests and evaluations that determine their chemical, physical, and mechanical properties. Thermal shock, shear strength, tensile strength, heat resistance, and pressure resistant are among some of the many tests that glass must endure and pass with flying colors before receiving a "stamp of approval." These glass and ceramic requirements set the bar for proper manufacturing, helping to guarantee excellence and fine workmanship. Not only are these the industry standards, they are America's standards, as well as ours.

Fast Replacement Glass is proud to be an American company that partners with trusted American manufacturers and employs devoted American workers. In our strong opinion, only the highest quality products come from the United States, and we are dedicated to supporting our domestic industry. You'll find that our products, values, and excellence are second to none!

Last updated on June 30th 2019.

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