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What Is A Pellet Stove?

What Is A Pellet Stove?-Fast Replacement Glass answers your questions!Pellet stoves utilize compressed wood or biomass pellets as fuel to generate heat for the home. They are made primarily from steel and consist of a firebox (combustion chamber) with a burn pot and ash pan, a hopper to store the fuel, an auger system, two blowers fans (one for combustion, one for convection), and various safety and operating controls. Pellet stoves do need to be connected to a standard electrical outlet in order to function. 

Pellets are some of the cleanest burning fuel sources, leaving behind only ash as a result of combustion. Depending on the grade of pellet fuel, performance and amount of ash output are affected. Some models are capable of burning wood pellets mixed with corn or grain. 

Pellet stoves are versatile enough to be used in residential and mobile homes, as well as commercial or industrial spaces. Due to the air pressure that is produced by the combustion blower, they must be outfitted with a specially sealed exhaust pipe to prevent harmful gases from entering a home or business. If the pellet stove is being used as a free-standing unit in conjunction with an existing chimney, an appropriate size stainless steel liner should be installed for drafting.

Last updated on July 28th 2017.

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