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What Is A Gas-Fueled Stove?

What Is A Gas-Fueled Stove?-Fast Replacement Glass answers your questions!Gas-fueled stoves are high-efficiency heating applications that are different from their fireplace counterparts. With the ability to burn either natural gas or propane, gas heating stoves are free-standing models that can be made of cast iron or steel for long-term durability. Cast stoves typically feature decorative designs and finishes that blend well with traditional and contemporary home décor styles. Both styles are manufactured to promote clean, radiant heat while maintaining the beauty of a wood burning application. There are a variety of options available for ventilation as well, including direct, natural (or b-vent), and vent-free styles.


For this system, air that is needed to fuel the fire is pulled in from the outdoors via the air intake pipe. Gases and smoke are directed through a wall to the outdoors using a sealed, flexible venting pipe. Heating applications that use this system are highly efficient and produce a generous heat output, even on a low flame setting.


This system uses a small amount of air within the room as its source for combustion. Smoke and gases are vented outside by way of a B-vent pipe, which is routed through the interior of the home and ends just above the roof. The pipe itself is inexpensive and easy to install, but the cost of incorporating this system into a home may pose a bit of a price tag. B-vent pipe is a potential source of heat loss from the appliance, with cool air entering the room due to downdrafts or hot air escaping via the pipe.


As its name states, vent-free heating applications do not need to utilize a ventilation pipe, allowing the gas stove to be placed in many areas that would be off limits to vented applications. The stove's burner is designed to be 99.9% efficient, eliminating the need for a vent pipe. Heat output is quite generous, with only a minimal amount of combustion fumes and moisture from the burn process being released into the room. (People who are extremely sensitive to scents or allergens may not be able to tolerate heating applications that use a vent-free system.)

Last updated on July 28th 2017.

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