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Model CC-055

Replacement Catalytic Combustor - Uncanned - 6 x 1 Inch Round CC-055

Price in points: 9900 points
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If your wood stove or fireplace is producing less heat as of lately, it may be time to replace the catalytic combustor. While draft conditions, quality of wood, and burn hours all play a factor in the longevity of this device, we recommend replacing it every 12,000 hours of use. This will promote optimum performance in your application. Keep in mind that properly operating catalytic combustors leave behind very little creosote build up in the chimney flue. 

Platinum and palladium are the catalysts in our combustors. These metals are applied to the honeycomb of the combustor (either ceramic or steel) and cause the gases from a fire to burn at lower temperatures, instead of escaping through the pipe or flue.

PLEASE NOTE: Your wood stove or fireplace will need a bypass damper in order to use a catalytic combustor. (When the exhaust temperature isn't high enough for a combustor to "light-off" the wood-smoke, the exhaust must have an alternate route to go until the combustor is hot enough to perform its function.)

  • Will I Need A Gasket For My Catalytic Combustor?
    Combustors that have no stainless steel "can" must always be installed with a new expanding gasket. Uncanned combustors are manufactured with a CatGard (an expanding gasket that is wrappped around the combustor) at no extra charge. The factory ships the correct gasket already in place, with masking tape to hold the gasket in the proper position during installation. 


  • THE LAW:
    Federal law requires any EPA-certified catalytic wood stoves be operated with combustors to reduce air pollution over the entire life of the stove.

Model: CC-055
Height: 1.0 Inches
Diameter: 6.0 Inches
Cells Per Inch: 16




Manufacturer Warranty:

Combustors are guaranteed to contain sufficient catalytic precious metals (platinum and/or palladium) formulated and properly applied to conform to requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for certified wood-burning products, and when installed in USA are warranted for structural integrity for five years or 12,000 hours burn-time, whichever comes first, when correctly installed and maintained. Failure due to incorrect use, including with fuels other than dry natural wood, is excluded.

REMEDIES UNDER THIS WARRANTY Manufacturer will replace a defective combustor, free of charge, for the first 90 days following the date of original purchase. After the first 90 days, replacement will be at the following discount:

  • Year 1 — 50% of original price paid
  • Year 2 — 40% of original price paid
  • Year 3 — 30% of original price paid
  • Year 4 — 20% of original price paid
  • Year 5 — 10% of original price paid
  • Year 6 — Replacement at current retail price.

Estimated Lead time

Estimated Lead Time:

5-10 Business Days.

Product can not be shipped to Canada!


Fits Stove Type:
  • Versa Grid Model 6-inch Retrofit

Product Question

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information about this product. For general information, or inquiries not related to this product, please contact us directly instead. Thank you!


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Last updated on July 24th 2017.

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