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temp-glass-sheets-1-.jpgWhen it comes to strength and quality, you want a durable product that is resistant to scratching and damage. Fast Replacement Glass is proud to offer American-made, tempered glass for your needs! We are the best source for custom replacement glass for factory built and masonry fireplace doors! Based in the United States, our delivery is super fast! Tempered glass ships within 7 to 14 days because of the tempering process it undergoes. We temper each piece and inspect for quality on a per order basis, so the extra wait is well worth it.

BEAUTIFUL. Simply put, our high temperature glass windows will enhance the appearance of your fireplace doors. Available in your choice of clear, bronze, or grey tints, each sheet is finished with a seamed edge.

SAFE. Tempered glass is 7 times stronger than regular glass, and can withstand temperatures as hot as 400°F! Ensure the safety of your home and loved ones with tempered replacement glass.

CUT TO SIZE. We can cut your heat resistant glass sheet to the specifications you need! Our custom tempered glass is available in 3/16", 1/8", and 1/4" thickness. We can cut the sheet to exact measurements to ensure a perfect fit!

What is tempered glass?

Tempered fireplace glass is high strength glass that is most commonly used in fireplace doors due to its high mechanical strength. Tempered glass is 4 to 7 times stronger than regular glass. Its 400° F thermal shock rating is high enough for use in fireplace screens and doors, but it is also suitable for many other glass applications that call for added safety and strength. Unlike many manufacturers, our fireplace glass is tempered by our custom shop here in the USA on a per-order basis. This means that our tempered glass has better quality control for more strength and less breaks. Generally the tempering process takes a few days because it has to cool slowly for a consistent strength. To minimize thermal shock, We recommend a clearance of at least 4 to 6 inches between glass surfaces and fireplace grates. Available in clear, bronze, and light grey smoked colors with thicknesses of 1/8, 3/16, or 1/4 inch.


Replacement glass for all zero clearance, pre-fab fireplaces and most masonry fireplaces must be strengthened through a tempering process. This is because tempered glass affords the most strength to a fireplace door enclosure while still maintaining a high heat resistance of 400° F before breaking. This is perfect for most fireplaces since their doors are used often and must be open while burning. In order for the fireplace to maintain its manufacturer warranty, ISO certifications, and to-code listings, tempered fireplace glass is required.

Other uses of tempered glass

Tempered glass panels are used in many different products as well as building applications. If you need tempered glass cut to size for your project we can help! We offer standard size ranges which can be purchased online, but we also have the ability to quote larger sizes. Our custom tempered glass offers all of the options that standard size tempered glass does. Tempered glass comes standard with seamed edges, but can be upgraded to polished edges if needed. We make ordering custom size tempered glass easy, just fill out our custom glass quote form and we will provide you with a quote within 2 business days!

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Some important things to remember:

  • Glass expands when heated! Please request your cut of glass to be at least 1/8" shy of the mounting surface. This measurement will allow for a safe thermal expansion. We cannot be held responsible for breaks due to improper calculations!
    • If your original tempered glass sheet is still intact and you are able to obtain all of the dimensions needed for your custom cut product, you may use the glass for measuring purposes. However, we highly recommend double checking your measurements against the mounting surface for 100% accuracy.
  • Metal screws and mounting hardware also expand when exposed to high temperatures! To avoid damage to your glass when your appliance is in use, please do not over-tighten hardware. We cannot be held responsible for breaks due to hardware that has been secured too firmly.
  • Burning a fire with your glass doors closed generates extra heat. While tempered glass can tolerate high temperatures, this condition may be too extreme for the glass to handle. We recommend enjoying a roaring fire with the doors open.
  • Ceramic glass should NEVER be installed on a factory-built or prefab unit. This can result in overheating and a potential fire hazard.
  • Some masonry doors require ceramic replacement glass. Please consult your owner's manual for clarification. If it does not clearly state that your unit is approved for ceramic glass, you should select the tempered option.
  • Tempered glass should NOT be installed on a fireplace insert or heating stove. These appliances produce temperatures greater than 400°F and can shatter tempered glass. If you have one of these appliances, you will need ceramic glass. If you're not sure what type of application you have, please give our experts a call at 1-888-986-1535.

Fast Replacement Glass specializes in tempered glass windows that will fit your application, no matter what fireplace brand and model you have!


Q: What is tempered glass, and why should I consider it for replacements?
A: Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that has been treated to increase its strength and durability. It's heated and then rapidly cooled, creating internal tension that makes it stronger than regular glass. Choosing tempered glass for replacements is ideal because it is more resistant to breakage and, if it does break, it shatters into small, less harmful fragments, reducing the risk of injury.

Q: Will this work for fireplace door glass replacement?
A: Yes, most fireplace doors utilize tempered glass. Some specialty fireplace doors use ceramic glass which allows them to burn with the fireplace doors closed as it can withstand much higher temperatures without shattering. If your glass is tinted, or shattered into tiny pieces when it broke, then it is tempered glass. If you are unsure what type of glass you have you can always give us a call!

Q: What are the common applications for tempered glass replacements?
A: Tempered glass replacements are commonly used in various applications such as windows, doors, shower enclosures, tabletops, mobile devices, and even automobile windows. It's recommended for any situation where safety and durability are priorities.

Q: Can I replace my regular glass with tempered glass myself, or do I need professional assistance?
A: While it's possible to replace regular glass with tempered glass on your own, it's highly recommended to seek professional assistance. Tempered glass must be precisely cut and handled to avoid potential flaws that could lead to breakage. Professionals have the tools and expertise to ensure a proper installation, minimizing the risk of future issues.

Q: How do I measure for a tempered glass replacement?
A: To measure for a tempered glass replacement, measure the width, height, and thickness of the glass accurately. Measure from edge to edge for width and height, and use a caliper to measure thickness. It's crucial to provide precise measurements to ensure a proper fit.

Q: Can a tempered glass replacement match the clarity of regular glass?
A: While tempered glass can have a slightly different visual appearance due to the tempering process, advancements in glass technology have minimized this difference. In most cases, the variation in clarity between tempered glass and regular glass is subtle and shouldn't significantly affect your viewing experience.

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