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Tempered Glass - Replacement Fireplace Door Glass

Rectangular Tempered Glass | Tempered Glass Replacement

This glass is recommended by OEM for direct-vent gas fireplaces, direct-vent gas stoves or fireplace doors.
Tempered glass will ship within 10 Business Days!



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Tempered glass can be used on non heater rated appliances, like a direct-vent gas fireplace or direct-vent gas stove. The tempered glass is 7 times stronger than regular glass, withstanding temperatures as hot as 400°F! Durable and safe, tempered glass is the best choice for your glass fireplace doors. It is also NOT resistant to thermal shock and scratching or damage. Available in your choice of clear, grey, or bronze tints, this beautiful replacement glass will enhance your fireplace doors and ensure the safety of your home and loved ones in the process! We custom-cut the sheet of tempered glass to your specifications with a seamed edging. Remember to secure your door into the stiles with glass retainer clips!


    • DO NOT USE TEMPERED GLASS IN WOOD STOVES or INSERTS, COAL STOVES or INSERTS, PELLET STOVES or INSERTS, or COOKTOPS! Tempered glass cannot withstand the extreme heat emitted from these particular applications. If you have one of these stoves or inserts, you will need ceramic replacement glass.

    • We cannot cut grooves into the glass or offer bevel edging, as these additional cuts will weaken the glass and cause it to break. 

    Due to the tempering process after the glass sheet is cut to your measurements, lead time is estimated at 10 business days. All glass edges are sanded down to a seamed finish, which means they are lightly sanded to removed any sharp edges or burrs ONLY. They are not sanded in a decorative style. Since the edges of the glass will not be seen, a seamed edge finish is our standard process. If you prefer a decorative edge, we can accommodate a flat edge or pencil edge polish for an additional $0.50 per linear inch. Please call us for a direct quote on this upgrade.
    • Additionally, please contact us for a quote if you are requesting ten or more pieces of the same size, color, and thickness.
Hi-Temp Glass Tips, Tricks, & Recommendations:
  • All glass will expand when heated! Please request your glass at least 1/8" shy of the mounting surface to accommodate for thermal expansion. We are not responsible for breaks due to improper measurements!
    • If your original tempered glass sheet is still intact and you are able to obtain all of the dimensions needed for your custom cut product, you may use the glass for measuring purposes. However, we highly recommend double checking your measurements against the mounting surface for 100% accuracy.
  • Metal screws and mounting hardware will expand when heated! Please do not over-tighten hardware as this may break the glass when your appliance is in use. We are not responsible for breaks due to over-tightened hardware.
  • We have the ability to cut your glass to a custom fractional measurement not listed on this product page, and we may even have bigger sizes or thicknesses available. Please give us a call for more information!
  • We have included a "notes" box on this product page for any other information, questions, or concerns you may want to attach to an online glass requisition.
  • Never replace tempered glass with ceramic glass on a fireplace door! This can lead to overheating and a potential fire. Only certain masonry doors are approved to use ceramic on their glass doors. Please consult your owner's manual for clarification.
  • Never, ever install ceramic glass on a factory-built fireplace or prefab unit! Fireplaces are not built to withstand the heat that the ceramic will generate, and misuses can lead to a house fire.
  • Keep flames, logs and grates at least 6 inches away from the glass. Flames should never touch the glass. If a log rolls against the glass, it could shatter.




California Proposition 65California Residents: Click here for more information on Proposition 65.

Thickness Available: 1/8, 3/16, or 1/4 Inch
Colors Available: Clear, Grey, Bronze
Material: Tempered Annealed Glass
Temperature Rating: 400°F (204°C)

Estimated Lead Time:

Please give us 10-15 business days to create this product for you.

Manufacturer Warranty:

Fast Replacement Glass provides tempered glass to our customers based on specific size requirements. We warrant to our immediate customers that the glass product ordered will meet certain standards and will be free from material and workmanship defects on the day of shipment.

Fast Replacement Glass does not offer warranties on performance or customer use of the glass. How a customer handles, installs, and uses processes the glass product is solely the customer's responsibility. Fast Replacement Glass cannot be held liable for breakage, damage, or failure of the product due to wrongful installation or if the glass pane is too tight and doesn't allow for thermal expansion during operation of the heating appliance.

The fireplace in our home is over 40 years old. It has no gas starter and we just light kindling before starting larger logs. It has double doors on the front with rods that secure top and bottom of the right hand door. When the left side broke last winter it shattered much like a car window would, probably making it tempered. Today I removed the remaining right hand glass and it measures 16"x20" and 1/8" thick. Thinking ceramic would be better I looked for that, but seeing suggestions I'm asking for advice. I broke when the logs, that were on fire, were moved close to the glass trying to show off the fire. Should I stay with tempered, or upgrade to ceramic? Oh and each side ha about 1/2"dia rope seated in the channel after the glass was inserted. Please advise.

Asked by charles | 07-07-2018, 02:27 PM | 1 answer(s)

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Last updated on June 10th 2019.

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