Tadpole Gaskets

Tadpole Gaskets

Tadpole Gaskets

Tadpole Gasket

Tadpole gaskets tend to show signs of wear over time. Between opening and closing our stove door, window cleaners, and other normal use and maintenance, at some point you will notice that your high temp door seal needs to be replaced. We can help you find this unique "bulb and tail" gasket!

These high strength wood stove gaskets have an adhesive backing for easy application, and feature a core that is tightly wrapped in a fiberglass material. The core can be semi-rigid and foil wrapped, or have a soft fiber center. It is important to know that tadpole tape is usually "stove specific", meaning that a certain style is recommended for use on different stove brands such as Harmon, Quadra-Fire, or Enviro.

When it comes to wood stoves and other heating appliances, achieving an airtight seal is paramount for optimal performance and safety. This is where fiberglass tadpole gasket steps in as a vital component, ensuring that your stove operates efficiently while keeping potentially harmful gases at bay. In this article, we'll delve into the world of tadpole gaskets, shedding light on their features, benefits, and the various options available to consumers.

Types of Tadpole Gaskets

We offer a range of tadpole gaskets, each designed to address specific needs:

  1. Semi-Rigid Core Tadpole Gasket: Ideal for flexibility and airtight sealing, available in bulb diameters of 1/2" or 5/8".
  2. Soft Fiber Core Tadpole Gasket: Crafted for resilience and perfect seals, with bulb diameters of 5/8".
  3. High Temp Tadpole Gasket: Engineered with a foil wrapped core, ensuring exceptional heat resistance and reliability.

Our semi rigid core tadpole gaskets are available in 5/8 inch and 1/2 inch thicknesses, while our soft fiber core variety is available in a 5/8 inch thickness. Both styles offer an ultra-snug fit along your stove door, and we will cut the gasket to your desired length. While the adhesive backing is strong enough to adhere to your window, a little added assurance from a high-temperature cement is always a good idea! We recommend A.W. Perkins® 2000° F cement for a reliable seal!

Our tadpole gaskets are crafted exclusively from high-quality fiberglass material. This material not only ensures durability but also provides resistance to the temperatures typically encountered in wood stoves and heating appliances. The inherent heat resistance of fiberglass guarantees that our gaskets maintain their sealing effectiveness even when exposed to high temperatures.

Elevated Temperature Performance

For those who demand even greater heat resistance, we offer a high-temperature version of our tadpole gaskets. These gaskets come equipped with a foil-wrapped core, reinforcing their ability to withstand extreme temperatures while retaining their integrity. This option is particularly suitable for industrial settings and scenarios where heat levels go beyond the norm.

Choosing the Perfect Tadpole Gasket

Selecting the right tadpole gasket for your stove involves considering a few key factors. First, determine whether you need a semi-rigid or soft fiber core based on your stove's specific requirements. Next, choose the appropriate bulb diameter to ensure a precise fit. If your stove operates at higher temperatures, consider our high-temperature tadpole gaskets for peace of mind.

In conclusion, tadpole gaskets are indispensable components for wood stoves and heating appliances, providing the crucial sealing required for optimal performance and safety. Our diverse range of gaskets, including those with varying core options and high-temperature capabilities, ensures that you'll find the perfect fit for your needs. Elevate your stove's efficiency and reliability by choosing the right tadpole gasket – a decision that will undoubtedly enhance your heating experience.

Tadpole Gasket Specifications

  • Service rating to 1000° F (538° C).
  • Fabricated from non-asbestos material.
  • Will not absorb water or attract mold and mildew.
  • Minimal fraying and unraveling when cut.
  • Bondable to most materials.
  • Use for a variety of gasket applications!


Q: What is a tadpole gasket?
A: A tadpole gasket is a specialized sealing component used on stove doors to create an airtight seal for improved efficiency and safety.

Q: What are tadpole gaskets made of?
A: Tadpole gaskets can be made from various materials, with fiberglass being a common choice for its durability and heat resistance.

Q: How do tadpole gaskets work?
A: Tadpole gaskets feature a round "head" that presses against surfaces and a flexible "tail" that adapts to irregularities, ensuring a snug and effective seal.

Q: Where are tadpole gaskets used?
A: Tadpole gaskets are commonly used on wood stoves, pellet stoves, and other heating appliances to prevent heat and gas leakage.

Q: How do I choose the right tadpole gasket?
A: Consider your stove's temperature, size, and type when selecting a tadpole gasket. Opt for high-temperature or fiberglass variants based on your needs.

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