A.W. Perkins Stove And Fireplace Soot Remover

Product is not a substitute for regular chimney cleaning.

Stove and Fireplace Soot Remover

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Soot build up in your stove pipe and chimney can be a very dangerous situation, but the right soot cleaner is the solution! Our 16 ounce tub of Stove and Fireplace Soot Remover is an easy way to treat your non-airtight stove, oil furnace, or fireplace to ensure your fireplace is running efficiently and safely! You may wonder how to clean soot from the inside of a fireplace, but with this product it is easy! The easy sprinkle-on application reduces soot to harmless ash that makes removal simple and prevents formation of deposits! This non-toxic material does not contain corrosive rock salt and is environmentally safe. Guaranteed to make your heating application safer and more efficient to operate and will not harm catalytic converters when used as directed! 

Size: 16 oz tub
Application: Dry, sprinkle-on
  • To use:
    Sprinkle a couple of scoops to reduce soot build-up two or three times per week. The soot is reduced to harmless ash for easy clean-up and removal. 

  • Benefits:
    Cleans existing soot and helps prevent formation of deposits. Use it regularly to boost the safety and efficiency of your heating appliance!  


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Last updated on January 17th 2018.