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Similar to a wood-burning stove, a pellet stove generates heat by slowly feeding fuel (wood pellets) from an internal storage container, called a hopper, into a burn-pot. This process sustains the flame, while blowers help disperse the heat from the unit. Today's technology allows for programmable thermostats that automatically controlling heat output and room temperature. Pellet stoves are much more energy efficient than oil, propane, or electric burning appliances. The same can be said for wood pellets, as they are made from renewable substances that can provide heat for up to 1500 square feet of living space!

Just like every other heating appliance, pellet stoves need to be maintained properly, and we know that you are looking for quality products that deliver superior performance. Whether you are looking for a gasket, creosote remover, glass cleaner, stove paint, or a sheet of pyroceram replacement glass, we have exactly what you need! Fast Replacement Glass has complied a group of top of the line products, designed specifically for use with your pellet stove. 

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