Different Tempered Safety Glass Tints

Is Tempered Glass Available In Different Tints?-Fast Replacement Glass answers your questions!Tempered glass comes in either clear, bronze, or grey tint. - Fast Replacement GlassYes! Our tempered glass is available as a clear sheet, or with a bronze or grey tint.

Most glass is transparent, especially if it is thin. The thicker it is, the more of a green tinge it will take on. However, tempered glass is a heat absorbing glass, and this is different altogether. Color pigmentation can be added during the tempering process to give it the bronze or grey tint that a customer chooses.

These integrated tints are consistent throughout the glass sheet. They will not rub off like tinted films will do. Just as with regular glass, the thicker the sheet, the darker the integral tint will appear.


















Last updated on June 30th 2019.

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