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How Does A Pellet Stove Work?

How Does A Pellet Stove Work?-Fast Replacement Glass answers your questions!In order for the mechanisms of a pellet stove to operate, electricity is required. Wood or biomass fuel pellets (which typically come in a 40 pound bag) are loaded in the hopper, which located at the bottom or on top of the stove. The power is turned on, and controls are adjusted for the blowers and thermostat. The blowers control the air flow coming in and going out of the stove. The thermostat controls the number of pellets that are fed into the combustion chamber (firebox).

Next, a motorized screw-like device called on auger begins to turn and feed pellets from the hopper into the burn pot that is found inside the firebox. Within a short amount of time, the automatic igniter lights, and the pellets begin to burn. Ashes are captured in an ash pan (located below the burn pot), which needs to be emptied and cleaned regularly.

How a pellet stove works - Fast Replacement Glass explains it all to you!Pellet stoves heat by way of convection, which is the transmission of thermal energy generated by the movement of hot and cold air currents within the unit. The convection blower located in the stove pulls cold air in from the surrounding environment, directing it over the burn pot. Once the cold air combines with the heat generated by the burning pellets, the flames become hotter, which allows for a more efficient burn. The heated air is then passed through the heat exchanger. This mechanism delivers clean air via the room blower and also acts as a furnace when used in combustion. In turn, this keeps the outside of the stove from becoming hot.

Gases exit (with the help of an exhaust blower) out of a pipe located at the back of the stove. This vertically-angled pipe can be vented directly through a wall or via an existing chimney (although a chimney is not a requirement).


Last updated on July 28th 2017.

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