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Gas Appliance Firebox Paint - Satin Black

Not rated to be used on any cooking surfaces.

Gas Appliance Firebox Spray Paint Satin Black


Our Gas Appliance Firebox Spray Paint in Satin Black is specially formulated to withstand the extreme temperatures up to 1200°F and direct contact with flames--all in a convenient 12 ounce aerosol spray can! While it is normally very difficult to paint inside a firebox, this high temp paint exceeds industry standards with its tremendous adhesion properties that cling to metals inside your firebox. This fast-drying aerosol paint provides a layer of protection that resists scratching, marring, and rust and enhances the appearance of your gas appliance's inner components!

  • To use:
    Please see our Stove Paint User Guide for full details on the three basic steps to painting with High Temperature Stove Paint:

    • Preparing the surface for paint
    • Apply the paint
    • Cure the paint

We recommend that you watch the easy-to-follow videos below for all your DIY painting projects!

  • Please note:
    • Our stove paint is not approved by the FDA to be used on cooking surfaces that might come in contact with food.
    • The glossy finish of porcelain cannot be duplicated in a paint that is subject to high heat.

California Proposition 65California Residents: Click here for more information on Proposition 65.

Size: 12 oz. aerosol spray can
Color: Satin Black
Temperature Rating: 1200°F (650°C)


Estimated Lead Time:

Please allow 1 week for shipping unless otherwise specified. 

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Last updated on August 29th 2018.

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