Stainless Steel Wall Panels

For many of us, making the outside look good is as important as keeping the inside of our home beautiful, maybe even more so. If you get a modern outdoor fireplace you’ll want to keep the area around it as sleek and beautiful as your new fireplace door! This Stainless Steel Outdoor Metal Wall Panels by Custom Metal Company is perfect for that!

Our outdoor accent panels are made specifically to hold up against the elements so that it won’t be necessary to replace them due to rust, dings or other issues for years to come. And, by investing in your outdoor living space you can improve the value of your home, making it more attractive for future buyers if selling your home is something you’ll be interested in. 


Metal wall panels for accent walls with no obstructions.Just because they are stainless steel and outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t have custom accent panels! Choose between horizontal, vertical, or panel designs when you’re choosing how you want your new stainless steel accent panels to look. 

  1. Horizontal - The panels are long width ways, but short height ways.  Normally stacked 3-5 tall to go from floor to ceiling.
  2. Vertical - The panels are short width ways, but long height ways.  Normally stand 3-5 side by side to cover a wall.
  3. Tile - Mounted in a brick like pattern, these wall panels are staggered in horizontal rows.
  4. 4 panel - Four large panels of steel cut to fit your fireplace wall.  This is the most seamless choice. Styles of steel wall panels

You can also choose to have banding as your edging style, letting you customize the look of the outdoor panels so that they best blend in with your outdoor décor. 

You can choose one of 3 ways of edging your panels.

  1. Seamless - No seams at all.  Wall panels are butted up one, to the other with nothing showing on the fascia.
  2. Rivets - A more rustic or industrial look.  Rivets are placed in all 4 corners of the metal panels.
  3. Banding - A metal strip with rivets is at the edges of your metal panels. 

Even if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, contact us. We’re happy to help you decide on the next step of your outdoor project, so let us know how we can help you today! 



Last updated on November 6th 2017.