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Custom Safety Mesh Quote

Protect your employees and yourself with our safety mesh. In today's world we can never be lax about the safety of our workplace. Safety mesh can help in many different types of applications.

1. Privacy - Safety mesh applied to the windows allows the people inside to see out, but no one to see in.

2. Security - Safety mesh can be made into a lockable metal screen door, creating a barrier between your employees and anyone that might want to harm them.

3. Safety - When employees are using machinery that may have flying pieces, keep the surrounding areas safe by putting up one of our safety mesh screens.

4. Protection - Mesh helps to create a blast barrier, in the case of a machine malfunction.

5. Barrier - In areas where employees or consumers might fall (zoos, bridges, etc), our safety mesh is durable and strong enough to stop a person's fall. For all outdoor applications, you should use our stainless steel mesh.

Last updated on December 22nd 2015.