Custom Architectural Mesh Quote

Architectural mesh is a beautiful and modern way to create a focal point in a room, while also helping in many other aspects:

  • Architectural woven metal mesh can create acoustic transparency in an auditorium. Even though you are "lowering" the ceiling with metal fabric draping to create an intimate atmosphere, you won't lose sound quality.
  • Mesh curtains hanging over large windows is the perfect way to diffuse bright sunlight.
  • Our wire mesh curtains can create a room divider or backdrop to your sales floor.
  • Cover unsightly duct work by draping beautiful mesh from the ceiling.
  • Architectural metal fabric curtains hanging in different directions diffuse the light from ceiling fixtures, giving your area a dramatic look and feel.
  • Create an outdoor focal point by draping stainless steel mesh on the side of your building. You can also utilize these curtains by fashioning a shade canopy.
  • Accent your bathroom with a stainless steel mesh shower curtain!


Last updated on November 6th 2017.