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If your project calls for a custom glass cutting, let us supply you with a solution! Fast Replacement Glass, a leader in custom glass online, wants you to know about our services for manufacturing, foundry, recycling, and other industrial customers! Here's what we can do for you:

  • We offer high temperature Pyroceram and Robax brand ceramic replacement glass cut to your specifications!
  • Tempered glass cut to size, as small as 1 inch x 1 inch and in thicknesses from 1/8 to 1/2 inch.
  • Looking for stock glass sheets? We carry Pyroceram and Borofloat brand ceramic glass!
  • Let us provide you with borosilicate glass tubes, flat, and rods from 1/8 to 2 1/4 inch thick.
  • Additionally, we can accommodate quartz tubes, flat, and rods up to 4 inches thick!
  • Need an irregular or complex shape for your custom cut glass? Looking for a pane of glass with holes for water jet capabilities? That is our specialty!

Tell us more about your project! Simply fill out the form on this page, including your name and contact information, and we'll get back to you with a custom quote within 2 business days!


  • At this time, we are unable to fabricate glass with a bow design.
  • We apologize for the inconvenience.


Hi-Temp Glass Tips, Tricks, & Recommendations:
  • All glass will expand when heated! Please request your glass at least 1/8" shy of the mounting surface to accommodate for thermal expansion. We are not responsible for breaks due to improper measurements!
    • If your original ceramic glass sheet is still intact and you are able to obtain all of the dimensions needed for your pattern or rectangle custom cut product, you may use the glass for measuring purposes. However, we highly recommend double checking your measurements against the mounting surface for 100% accuracy.
  • Metal screws and mounting hardware will expand when heated! Please do not over-tighten hardware as this may break the glass when your appliance is in use. We are not responsible for breaks due to over-tightened hardware.


Last updated on September 25th 2020.