Clear Flame Glass Cleaner

An excellent general cleaner for most household soils.

Clear Flame Glass Cleaner

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Our 22 ounce bottle of Clear Flame Glass Cleaner is the ideal way to clean your fireplace doors! This fireplace glass cleaner removes soot, smoke stains, and even baked on creosote--all without affecting brass, paint, glass, screen, ceramic, enameled, or lacquer surfaces! This is done with the specially thickened formula designed to cling to vertical surfaces so that the solution can penetrate stubborn grime. This safe, non-acidic formula can also be used on screens, ceramic and enameled surfaces, making it the best fireplace door cleaner you can get! With all this versatility, we can bet this will become your go-to cleaner!

Size: 22 oz trigger-spray bottle
Color: Straw colored
  • Precautions:

    • Wear rubber gloves, as ingredients will irritate skin. 

    • Do not spray on hot surfaces!

    • Protect surroundings from over-spray.

  • To Use:
    • Open nozzle and completely cover stained area with glass cleaner. Wipe clean with a non-scratch scrubbing pad. Close nozzle when finished.


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Last updated on November 28th 2017.