Chimguard Stove Pipe Thermometer

Chimguard Stove Pipe Thermometer

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The must-have Chimguard Stove Pipe Thermometer will help you monitor heat output up to 900°F to achieve maximum efficiency and cut down on fuel waste and hazards. Designed for use with single-wall pipe stoves and stove tops, the magnetic surface of this wood stove thermometer permits simple operation--no installation required! Black porcelain enamel and vibrant yellow, orange, and red temperature zones allow you to tell if the fire temperature is too hot, too cool, or just right with a simple glance. This super durable magnetic thermometer easily attaches to your stove and comes with a cool-touch dial for your safety and convenience! Proudly made in the USA!

Depth: 0.5 Inches
Height: 6 Inches
Width:  6 Inches

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Last updated on November 8th 2017.