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2 inch wide x 11 feet long Black Fiberglass Insulation Strip

11 Feet Long 2 Inch Wide Black Fiberglass Fireplace Insulation

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Our 11 feet long 2 inch wide black fiberglass fireplace insulation can be used around your chimney flue, fireplace insert, or stove pipe. This product is designed to create an airtight seal to keep drafts, smoke, and harmful gas fumes out of your living space. It can also be used as fireplace door insulation! Application is easy with the 11 foot roll - you'll have the freedom to use as much or as little as you need. The 1.5 inch uncompressed thickness is perfect for fireplace insert insulation. Use it to promote energy-efficiency every time you clean your heating appliance.

Width: 2 inches
Thickness: 1.5 inches (not compressed)
Length: 11 feet (comes in a roll)
Color: Black
Material: Fiberglass
  • To use:
    Remove old insulation from around the flue, stove pipe, insert, or the frame of your fireplace doors. Thoroughly clean and remove debris from the area. Gently tuck in the new insulation. 

    We highly recommend wearing lightweight working or gardening gloves when handling this insulation. Fiberglass can very easily irritate your skin. Do not to touch your face when handling this product. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling.

  • Please note:
    While this fiberglass insulation is 1.5 inches thick initially, it will undergo some compression after installation. For this reason, we recommend installing new insulation every time you remove your insert or clean around your fireplace doors, flue, or stove pipe. Compressed insulation will not effectively fill in the gaps around these areas, creating a pathway for drafts and fumes to enter and resulting in a less than favorable performance from your heating appliance.


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Last updated on November 10th 2017.