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1/2 Inch High Temp Tadpole Gasket Sold By The Foot

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Our 1/2 inch high temperature tadpole gaskets are known for their ability to compress and adapt to uneven areas. Enhance your stove with better heating efficiency when you replace your old door seal with a newer and more durable version. Commonly referred to as "bulb and tail", tadpole stove gaskets are usually brand specific (Harmon, Quadra-Fire, and Enviro to name a few). Made from non-asbestos material with a semi-rigid foil wrapped core, you'll find that its adhesive backing will adhere to a variety of surfaces, making tadpole gasket installation quite easy! This high quality product exhibits minimal fraying or unraveling when cut.

Not sure what size gasket you need? We can help! Click HERE to learn more and download our FREE printable measuring template!

  • Preparation:
    Remove old gasket. Thoroughly clean the area.

  • To use:
    Simply peel the backing from the tadpole seal and conform to the gasket channel. Although the use of gasket cement is not necessary, if you want the added assurance that your seal will not come loose, we recommend using Stove & Gasket Cement. This product is used not only as the "glue" that holds the gasket in place, but it can also be used to seal minor cracks and pin holes in the stove body.

PLEASE NOTE: High temperature silicone sealants are NOT recommended as a gasket adhesive or to fix your stove or insert!

Fasten Rope Gasket

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Manufacturer Warranty:

Fast Replacement Glass provides 1/2 Inch High Temperature Tadpole Gaskets to our customers and warrants the product to be free from material defects.

Fast Replacement Glass does not offer warranties on performance or customer use of the gaskets. How a customer handles, installs, and uses processes the gasket product is solely the customer's responsibility. Fast Replacement Glass cannot be held liable for damage, or failure of the product due to wrongful installation.

Bulb Diameter: 1/2 inch
Width: 1 1/4 inch
Color: Gray-Brown
Gasket Material: Graphite-impregnated tadpole gasket
Core Material: Semi-rigid foil wrapped
Temperature Rating: 1000°F (538°C)

Estimated Lead Time:

Please allow 3 business days for shipping unless otherwise specified. 

What is the tail thickness on your 1/2 inch high temp tadpole gasket?

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Last updated on January 24th 2022.
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