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AW Perkins Stove & Gasket Cement - Black - 2000° F

Rated to 2000°F!

2.7 Ounce Black Wood Stove Gasket Cement Tube 2000 Degrees

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Confidently replace the door gasket in your stove with this fail-proof A.W. Perkins Stove & Gasket Cement! This product is capable of bonding fiberglass to the steel or cast iron of your stove's gasket channel. It can even seal small voids or cracks that may occur on your heating stove's surface! Once cured, this gasket cement can withstand extreme temperatures up to 2000°F. No need to use a sealant or adhesive when replacing your gasket - this specially made cement will do the job on its own!

  • Preparation:
    • Remove old gasket. Thoroughly clean the area. Wear rubber gloves to apply the cement.
  • To use:
    • Knead to encourage a uniform consistency. Cut the tip of the tube to the desired bead width and express an even amount of cement into the door channel by squeezing the tube.
    • Press your new gasket firmly into the cement. Use a wet cloth to wipe off any excess cement, then (with your door open) let the product dry for one hour. For the first fire after replacing your gasket, gradually heat up your application to cure the cement. This product is meant for indoor stove applications only.
Size: 2.7 ounce tube
Color: Black
Temperature Rating: 2000°F (1095°C)
Features & Benefits:
  • Multi-use cement is ideal for gaskets and small repairs!
  • Perfectly seals small voids.
  • Capable of fiberglass-to-metal adhesion, or metal-to-metal bonding.
  • Resists temperatures up to 2000°F (1095°C)!
  • Also available in a 10.3 ounce cartridge application for caulking guns.





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Last updated on August 23rd 2017.