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How Does A Gas-Fueled Stove Work?

How Does A Gas-Fueled Stove Work?-Fast Replacement Glass answers your questions!Gas-fueled heating stoves are simple to operate with very little maintenance required. Natural gas and propane models come with a push button control to turn your stove on or off. Certain heating stoves have a remote control for adjusting the heat output and height of the flames. Others are connected to a wall thermostat.  Gas-fueled stoves generate their own electricity by merging an electronic device (called a thermopile) with the pilot light. The thermopile converts thermal energy into electrical energy, which in turn opens and closes the gas valve. The only accessory that may need a dedicated electrical line to function properly is the blower.

Fresh air fuels the fire, while combustion fumes are evacuated. There are three different ways of accomplishing this process: direct vent, natural or b-vent, and vent-free.


Combustion air fuels the fire via an intake pipe. Gases and smoke are routed directly through a wall to the outdoors by way of a sealed, flexible venting pipe. 


A minimal amount of air within the room is used for combustion. Smoke and gases are vented outside by way of a B-vent pipe, which is routed through the interior of the home and ends just above the roof.


A ventilation pipe is not needed in this case, allowing a vent-free gas stove to be placed in many areas that would be off limits to vented applications. Only a minimal amount of combustion fumes and moisture from the burn process being released into the room. (People who are extremely sensitive to scents or allergens may not be able to tolerate heating applications that use a vent-free system.)

Last updated on July 28th 2017.

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